Books I Have Read

Since March 2008, I have kept a list of the books I have read.  I was inspired to do this after reading that Art Garfunkel has kept a list of every book he has read since June 1968.  My list is not perfect; some items have slipped through the cracks.  It is close to accurate, nonetheless.  Books marked with an asterisk (*) are favorites.

I encourage all readers to engage in this exercise.  It allows you to maintain a record, of course. In addition, however, it allows you to review periods of your life, to see how interests have risen, developed, ebbed, and flowed.  It allows you to remember particularly busy and productive times, as well as unproductive and slow periods.  It also allows you to review the list for books that should be reread or revisited as appropriate.  I only wish I had started sooner, instead of at age 32.

My Reading List

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